Impact Assessment of the Extension Activities Conducted by the College of Education, Central Mindanao University, Maramag, Bukidnon, Philippines


Anecil S. Quijano-Pagutayao; Jenyliza T. Ucang; Maryjoy S. Bacus; Hazel E. Soliven; Anabelle B. Beronio; Karen Debie J. Cosrojas; Jeanny L. San Pascual 

 DOI10.5110/77. 1413               Page:   73-84        Vol: 19    Issue: 05   Year: 2024

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This was conducted to determine the impact of the extension activities conducted by the College of education with the purpose of providing excellent services in instruction, research, extension and production. The extension activity conducted was one of the universities initiatives to serve the Filipino. The study was conducted to examine the impact of extension programs of Central Mindanao University College of Education. Specifically, the study aimed to assess the impact of the Extension program zeroing in terms of knowledge, Skills, and the environment; and identify Problems met in planning, implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation. The study employed a descriptive research design with a survey questionnaire as the main instrument. The questionnaire was submitted for expert validation and was pilot tested on non-participants of the study. Structured question was also utilized to serve as guide when participants were personally interviewed. A total of 23 participants of the College of Education extension programs and services were employed. Descriptive statistics such as frequency counts, percentages, and t-tests were used in the study. Results revealed that the participants the participants believe that through the extension services of the College of Education, they became more knowledgeable after the extension program, while in terms of the skills the participants strongly agreed that their skills improved and the techniques taught during the training were effective in the classroom setting and in the environmental impact the participants were now aware of how to preserve the environment by properly disposing of waste materials and applying 3Rs in the classroom by using renewable and recyclable as decoration materials and for class activities. Based on the T-test result a considerable difference were observed based on the data showed in terms of knowledge, skills, and environmental impact. Moreover, the extension activity made a lot of changes in their lives. All the participants were satisfied with the Planning, Implementation, and Monitoring of Extension Services of the College of Education.


Knowledge, Skills,, Environmental Impact, Extension Program, Program Evaluation

Received: 18 March 2024

Accepted: 04  May 2024

Published: 22 May 2024