Values and attitudes of Daycare workers towards the Extension Activities Conducted by the College of Education, Central Mindanao University,


Anecil S. Quijano-Pagutayao

DOI10.5110/77. 1027                 Page:   113-126             Vol: 18    Issue: 08   Year: 2023

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Central Mindanao University is committed to the total development of people for a globally sustainable environment and a humane society by offering high-quality services in instruction, research, extension, and production. A number of centers and colleges have created extension programs, initiatives, and activities that are in line with their areas of expertise. The purpose of the study was to determine how the Central Mindanao University College of Education’s community extension activities affected local communities. Specifically it aimed to: 1) define the participant profile; and 2) ascertain the Extension program’s influence on participants’ values and attitudes. The primary tool for the study, which used a descriptive research design, was a survey questionnaire. The questionnaire was pilot tested on study participants and submitted for expert confirmation.  Participants were personally interviewed by the researcher; structured questionnaire were used. There were 23 participants of the College of Education’s extension programs and services. The study made use of descriptive statistics like frequency counts, percentages, and t-tests. The participants were female, married, Cebuano, Roman Catholic, and middle-aged, according to the results. A considerable difference in values and attitudes was revealed by comparing the before and after data.


Impact Assessment, Attitudes & Values, Extension Program, Program Evaluation

Received:  10 October 2023

Accepted: 19 October 2023

Published:  31 October  2023