Building Long-Term Relationships: A Study of Key Factors Influencing Future Repurchase Intentions in Online Shopping


Roman Philander Lagaronda, Otto Randa Payangan, Fransisca Iriani Roesmala Dewi 

DOI10.5110/77. 1108               Page:   34-48           Vol: 19    Issue: 02   Year: 2024

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This study highlights the important factors that influence the level of repeat purchases made by people in the past. In an effort to strengthen the digital economy in Indonesia, particularly in parts of Papua Province, it is imperative for e-commerce companies to prioritise research and execute strategies that can increase online repurchase intentions, particularly in this region. In a unique context such as Papua, understanding factors such as consumer trust, consumer concerns, consumer perceptions, and interpersonal relationships between sellers and consumers is critical to developing effective strategies to increase repurchase intentions. The literature review revealed that these factors have a significant impact on online shopping behaviour as well as providing references to understand the phenomenon of the digital economy in Papua Province. The practical implications of this study provide valuable insights for e-commerce businesses to formulate strategies that suit the characteristics of the local market and increase their business productivity within the region.


Online shopping, Purchase intentions, Repeat purchase, Papua Province

Received: 07 January 2024

Accepted: 22 January 2024

Published: 16 February 2024