Vol. 19 No. 02 (2024)

Published: February – 2024

Banking Sector Stability Effect on Economic Growth in Nigeria

Inim Victor Edet,  James Agama Emiesefia, Saji George, Emomotimi John Agama

DOI: 10.5110/77. 1106    

Page:   06-20

Analysis and evaluation of electrical energy consumption models for housing

Catra Indra Cahyadi, Sukarwoto, Suwarno, Doni Pinayungan

DOI: 10.5110/77. 1107    

Page:   21-33

Building Long-Term Relationships: A Study of Key Factors Influencing Future Repurchase Intentions in Online Shopping

Roman Philander Lagaronda, Otto Randa Payangan, Fransisca Iriani Roesmala Dewi 

DOI: 10.5110/77. 1108    

Page:   34-48

ESG Reporting and Financial Performance of Deposit Money Banks Nigeria

Ogboi, C.; Alalade, Yimka S. A.; Oluwayomi R. Oliyide & Sandra N. Momah

DOI: 10.5110/77. 1109    

Page:   49-73

Entrepreneurship Orientation And Firm’s Performance: An Evidence Of Selected Small And Medium Scale Enterprises In Southeast Nigeria

Agu  Okoro Agu, Okocha, Ebere Rejoice Ph.D, Obiora-Okafo Chinedu Afamefune, Emerole Gideon A PhD, Dr Vitus Chinedu Ogbunuju

DOI: 10.5110/77. 1110    

Page:   74-95

Analysis of Wind Speed and Energy Potential Using Weibull and Rayleigh

Elvy Sahnur Nasution, Catra Indra Cahyadi, Sukarwoto, Suwarno,Doni Pinayungan

DOI: 10.5110/77. 1111    

Page:   96-108


The Value Chain: Marketing Performance Business  Indonesian Cluster Embroidery

Dina Lusianti; Mamik Indaryani ; Kertati Sumekar ; Sri Mulyani

DOI: 10.5110/77. 11181    

Page:   216-226